MYOB – Small Business Accounting and Point of Sales Software

MYOBMYOB short for Mind Your Own Business is software company that develops payroll, retail and accounting software. They also offer web hosting services for small and medium businesses. The company is well-known in New Zealand and Australia.

The company’s products and services ranges from entry-level accounting to multi-user enterprise software. The list of MYOB’s software are as follows:

  • AccountEdge: is a Mac accounting software for small businesses that helps users process, organize and automate business tasks and financial data.
  • Premier Accounting: Features include purchases, sales, inventory, payroll, banking and many more.
  • FirstEdge: Small business accounting software for Mac. Makes banking, customer management, sales and reporting much easier. Other features of this software also helps the users monitor expenses, reconcile bank accounts, stores essential data, creates invoices and quotes for customers and help generate more than 80 reports.
  • BusinessEssentials: It is a compilation of software that provides financial management for small businesses. Basic accouting needs include the following banking, customer management, expenses and sales. This software includes the following small business accounting software: BusinessBasic, Ultimate Financial Forecaster and The Logo Creator.
  • CheckOut: Is a very simple Mac point of sale software. Retails is made easier through this software, inventory, checks, orders, invoices and receipts is just a matter of clicking the right button.

The company also provides firm-wide accounting practices. This includes the following , document and workflow management, compliance processing systems and client management tax.

They also offer outsourc accounting services particularly in New Zealand and Australia.

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