NetSuiteNetSuite provides us with a number of accounting, business, ERP, web based CRM, Ecommerce and Customer Relationship Management software. They are the first to provide users with a web-based application that has everything a company needs to process business operations.

There are several advantages in when making use of NetSuite to run your company. Such advantages are:

  • Provides employee real-time information to make better decisions.
  • Quick and easy to deploy and very versatile to support all your business operations.
  • Business or company owners can reduce IT expenses like upgrading and maintaining several applications.
  • Increases cooperation and communication with your partners, vendors and customers.

There are a lof of NetSuite software one of which is the NetSuite Small Business 2009 which has garnered positive reviews from different users. This version breaks down the business accounting process into 13 different roles which are:

  1. Administrator
  2. Controller
  3. Customer Center
  4. eCommerce Site Manager
  5. Employee Center
  6. Marketing Manager
  7. Receivables Clerk
  8. Sales Manager
  9. Sales Rep.
  10. Sr. Executive
  11. Support Lead
  12. Support Manager
  13. Warehouse Manager

This makes work for each employee easier because they have a specific part on the application that they can work on. They do not have to go through every feature of the software just to find out where they can do their job.

The NetSuite Small Business 2009 does not need to be installed in your PC because this is used online. All you have to do is to login to your account and all the data you need is stored over the Internet. This software features operations for account receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventory, banking, time billing, job costing and general ledger.

Almost all products of NetSuite Inc. can be accessed online so any user can use it wherever and whenever they want to. With the vast number of different applications offered by this company for sure there is one that will suit perfectly for your business operations.

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