Quicken – Manage Personal Finances

QuicklenQuicken is another software that was developed by Intuit, Inc. It is a personal finance management tool that can be run in either Macintosh or Windows.

It has also different version which are:

1. Free Quicken Online: Keep track of your finances anywhere and anytime. You will get to know where you have spent your money by having all your credit card and bank accounts in one place. No need to sign-in in two separate accounts to view your finances. You can also get bill reminders through text or email.

2. Deluxe: The latest edition is the Quicken Deluxe 2009 which includes all features of Quicken Starter Edition. With this software, you will be able to check your bank, credit card, brokerage and 401 (k)s in only one account. You can also get suggestions with your spending limits and you can set saving goals. Then you can check your progress every month.

3. Premier: Latest version is the Quicken Premier 2009 and also includes all features of Quicken Deluxe with additional investing tools. With these investing tools, you can keep track of your net worth do research and balance your portfolio. You can get to organize your tax information and maximize deductions.

4. Home & Business: Quicken Home & Business 2009 is for those who have their own business or are self-employed. You get to monitor if your business is gaining profit and track down your losses. You will be able to list down all possible deductions and compute total tax deductions every year.

5. Rental Property Manager: It has all the features of Quicken Home & Business. Get to run rental and tax reports and pay bills all in one place. Tracking who has and has not yet paid is made easier through this software. In short, you can all list down important information regarding your rental properties, who are renting it, payments made and other stuffs.

6. Quicken Mac 2007: For Mac users, manage all possible deductions and organize tax information. You can plan your investments, track your portfolio and directly download information from your financial institution.

7. Starter Edition: Quicken Starter Edition 2009 is perfect for beginners to learn how to manage their finances.

8. Home Inventory Manager: This software allows you to list down all your properties, photos and receipts. Can assist you in expediting your insurance claims with complete evidence of all your properties.

Now, you do not have a reason to be losing money or not knowing where you spent it through this software. You get to document every penny spent and keep track of the progress of your investments and businesses.

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